I. Cultures and Languages

I-1. Anthropology’s Contribution to the Study of 21st Century Africa

I-2. Human Sciences and Identity Studies for Cooperation and Development in Africa – Examples from the Field

I-3. Languages of Africa: Traditions and Perspectives

I-4. Long-Term Ethnography in Africa: Its Peculiar Contribution to the Development of Local Civil Societies

I-5. Regional, National and Global Dimensions of Festivals in Africa (20th – 21st C.): How to Provide New Insights into the Global Impacts of Local Identity Building Processes

I-6. The Creole World and Creoles of Africa

I-7. Tradition and Innovation: Insights into African Art

II. Economics

II-1. Commercial Farming and Agribusiness in South Africa and Their Changing Roles in Africa’s Agro-Food System

II-2. Harnessing Indigenous Knowledge for Mineral Resources Development and Management in Africa for Wealth Creation and Employment Generation: Opportunities, Challenges and Policy Recommendations

II-3. New Technologies for Sustained Development of African Economies

II-4. Popular Economies and Mutual Aid in Africa in the Era of Uncertainty

III. Global Issues

III-1. Africa in the Global Climatic Measurement

III-2. Globalization and Africa; The Impact of Global Economic Integration on Africa in the 21st Century

III-3. Strategic Communications at the Age of the Global Information Warfare: Afraasian Zone of Instability Issues

III-4. The Islamist Movement in the Afro-Asiatic Zone of Instability (in Geopolitical and Geocivilizational Measurements)

III-5. Violent Extremism and Social (Dis)order in Africa; Africa and Global Terror: Dimensions of Terrorism across the Sahel

IV. History

IV-1. African History Studies: The State of the Art

IV-2. Cultures of Black Internationalism; Pan-Africanism between Past Aspirations, Current Challenges, and Future Prospects

IV-3. Educational Cooperation among Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe: Alliances that Strengthened the Decolonization of Africa

IV-4. Entangled Cooperation. Communist Countries and the Cold War in Africa

IV-5. Russian Studies on Africa in the Past and Present: People, Problems, Theories, Perspectives

IV-6. USSR and Decolonization of Africa

V. International Relations

V-1. Africa in a Polycentric World

V-2. Africa’s Small States and Geopolitical Realignment

V-3. African Integration and Peacekeeping

V-4. BRICS and Resistance in Africa: Thriving or Surviving?

V-5. BRICS: Innovative Development Trajectory

V-6. Foreign Competition in the Horn of Africa

V-7. Four Decades after: Assessing the Politics, Dynamics and Depth of Integration in West Africa

V-8. Sino-US-Russian Policies and Africa

V-9. The “African Vector” in the Policy of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP)

V-10. The Dynamics of Solidarity in Africa: History – State of the Art – Future Challenges

V-11. The EU and Africa: Security – Development Nexus

VI. Migrations and Diasporas

VI-1. Diaspora, Indigenous Investors, Economic Development and National Vision

VI-2. Migration Dynamics in Southern Africa: Understanding the Past, the Present and the Future

VI-3. Pan-Africanism and Migration

VII. Politics

VII-1. Democratic Election Process in Africa: Progress, Paradoxes and Challenges

VII-2. Post-Conflict Reconstruction Crises: What Long-Term Future for Africa’s Dysfunctional States?; The Occurrence of Failed States in Africa after the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Its Relation to the Increase in the Number of Refugees from Africa Today

VII-3. Ruling in Rough Seas: The Portraits of Political Leaders in South Africa

VII-4. Secessionist Movements in Africa: Identity, Governance and State-Building in a Changing Landscape

VII-5. Southern Africa: Political, Economic and Social Challenges in the Region at the Beginning of the 21st Century

VII-6. Strengthening Local Government

VII-7. Middle East and African Horn in the 21st Century. Political, Social and Economic Modernization: Global, Regional and Countries Features in the Light of Dynamic Relativity of Civilization Development

VII-8. The Roots of Contemporary Conflicts in the Horn of Africa

VIII. Social Issues

VIII-1. African Trade-Unionism in the 21th Century – Coming of Age?

VIII-2. Decolonial Education in South Africa

VIII-3. Globalization and the Emerging Issues of Development in Nigeria; Law, the Nigerian Economy and Corruption

VIII-4. Justice and Development in Contemporary Africa

VIII-5. Security, Corruption and the African Development Discourse

VIII-6. The Formal and the Informal City in Africa: Planning and Governance Dilemmas

VIII-7. The Gender Dimension of National, Regional and Global Changes in Africa

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