VI-2. Migration Dynamics in Southern Africa: Understanding the Past, the Present and the Future

Convener: Ricky M. Mukonza (Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa); e-mail:

Migration as an activity is as old as human kind itself. Over time it has developed owing to changes in changes in other facets of human life, it can be argued that technological developments as well as. It goes without mention that the globalised nature of world affairs have allowed movement of people and goods to take place with less difficulties. It can be noted that technological development, migration and globalisation are closely interlinked. Traditionally in migration; South to North migration was a common trend due to the disparities in economic developments, however in recent years South to South migration has been on the rise. It thus becomes imperative that academics in the Social Science discipline endeavour to understand how migration is changing over time. The panel limits its focus to migration within Southern Africa. Although there is considerable literature on the migration as it has unfolded with this region, more still needs to be unravelled particularly new patterns that have emerged in the turn of the century. Can there be empirically backed causal theories that can be propounded on this phenomenon? Authors are thus encouraged to come up with papers around this theme.