Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies

Head of the Graduate Department

Tatyana KOCHANOVA, с.н.с.

Phone (495) 690-63-85

The Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies of the IAS was established in 1960 as a structural unit of the Institute with the aim to prepare scientific and pedagogical personnel with advanced degrees in areas related to African Studies. Many of the graduates of the Department have become internationally renowned Africanists and continue to transfer their knowledge and experience to a new generation of historians, economists, specialists in international relations and political scientists. A number of citizens of African countries who graduated from the Department with a PhD now occupy top government positions in their home countries or are influential members of national academic and business communities.

The Department conducts the educational process in line with the regulations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Charter of the Institute, and internal regulations of the IAS. The Institute holds an indefinite license to carry out educational activities and a continuously renewed state accreditation certificate for the main programmes of higher vocational education.

Education is conducted on a budget and contractual basis. The Department offers programmes in the following spheres of postgraduate studies:

Specialisations Main vocational education programmes
38.06.01 Economics 08.00.14 Мировая экономика
41.06.01 Political Sciences and Regional Studies 23.00.04 Political Problems of International Relations and Global and Regional Development
46.06.01 History and Archaeology 07.00.03 General History
07.00.15 History of International Relations and Foreign Policy

The content of the main vocational educational programmes for scientific and pedagogical personnel was developed in accordance with the provisions of the Federal state standards for higher education by fellows of corresponding research centres of the IAS.