Centre for Southern Africa Studies

Head of the Centre

Andrei TOKAREV, Ph.D. (Hist.), Senior Research Fellow, Associate professor.

    • Problems of African lusophone countries.
    • The USSR/Russia military-political cooperation with African countries

Phone. (495) 695-58-48

The main fields of the Centre 's Studies:

• Political development in Southern Africa: democratisation processes, shifts in the balance of political power and the nature of internal political struggle, the role of traditional institutions of power and their integration into the modern political structure, foreign policy and the role of the countries of Southern Africa in the African Union.
• Economic processes in South Africa and other countries of Southern Africa; regional cooperation and economic integration within the framework of SADC.
• Sociopolitical processes in the countries of Southern Africa: social transformation, the role of the ethnic factor, the problems of poverty and unemployment.
• Historical ties, military-political and economic cooperation between the USSR/Russia and the countries of Southern Africa; obstacles in the way of developing cooperation.
• Problems of the Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa.

The Centre's Research Assistant - Marina POLENKOVA
Tel.: (495) 695-58-48
E-mail: csas@inafr.ru

The Centre's Research Fellows:

    Boris GORELIK, Senior Researcher, PhD
      • South Africa in the Russian historical consciousness
      • History of cross-cultural encounters and interactions between Russia and South Africa
      • Modern and contemporary history of South Africa
      • History of Russophone communities in South Africa.

    Albert KHAMATSHIN (joint)
      • Problems of development of the countries of South and East Africa (agriculture, energy, etc.)
      • South-South Cooperation
      • Socio-economic and political dynamics of South Africa and Zimbabwe

    Andrey YAKOVLEV, 2nd Secretary of the 1st grade, Associate Member - Ph.D.
      • Namibia's domestic and foreign policy
      • African community of South Africa and Namibia
      • sociolinguistics of South Africa and Namibia
      • Afrikaans language, Khoisan languages
      • general phonetics, poetry, interlinguistics.

Senior Laboratory Assistant Marina POLENKOVA