VIII-5. Security, Corruption and the African Development Discourse

Convener: Nnanna Onuoha Arukwe (University of Nigeria, Nsukka); e-mails:,

In the unending discourse on development and sustainable development in Africa issues that relate to security and corruption have often featured as among the key factors impinging on Africa’s development. Security is currently a global concern; however, there is hardly any place where the imperative for security appears to be more than the African continent, with different forms of conflict in virtually every region of the continent. Sustainable development is therefore mortally threatened in diverse ways by the subsisting security challenges of the continent. Also, corruption, as a multidimensional phenomenon, takes different forms and has different impacts in different locations and situations. Corruption has a pervasive influence in many diverse social, political, and economic systems; hence it is reported variously in the literature as a bane of social-cultural, political and economic development in Africa among others. The Panel welcomes contributions that look into the issues of the nexus between security and development, corruption and development, corruption, security and sustainable development as well as those examining any other possible permutations of relationships between these issues in Africa in specific terms of but not limited to governance, culture, economics, social development, case study materials as well as areas of everyday life in Africa. Not limited to the foregoing the panel also welcomes papers that bring different innovative and strategic perspectives to not only examining but transforming the issues relating to security, corruption, and African development.