VIII-7. The Gender Dimension of National, Regional and Global Changes in Africa

Conveners: Natalia L. Krylova (Institute for African Studies, Moscow, Russia); e-mail:, Natalia A. Ksenofontova (Institute for African Studies, Moscow, Russia

The panel will discuss the complex of problems connected with the historical component as well as the modern attitude to gender situation, with its influence on the development of African countries in conditions of global changes. Participants will be given the opportunity to analyze various aspects of the gender situation. Among them: the characteristics and causes of gender inequality in different countries and regions of the African continent; the costs of discrimination against women in basic rights, access to education, resources and economic opportunities, participation in public life and expression of their interests through women's public and political organizations. Presenters are also invited to address the gender aspects of national, social and cultural identity; problems of identity acquisition in movement migration flows etc. are also crucial questions about what efforts should be made by the state to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way. To implement these tasks it is planned to organize an interdisciplinary platform for scientific and practical dialogue between specialists from a wide range of social-humanitarian disciplines. For discussion are invited historians, ethnologists, anthropologists, sociologists, demographers, economists, psychologists, political scientists, pedagogues, literary critics, lawyers, culture experts, philosophers, representatives of public organizations.