VI-1. Diaspora, Indigenous Investors, Economic Development and National Vision

Convener: Kamini Krishna (University of Zambia, Lusaka); e-mail:

The panel welcomes papers on the interrelation between diaspora, indigenous investors, economic development and national vision in any African country, as well as integrating experience of different states of the continent. The panel focuses on various encouraging policies which have been implemented by the African governments which recommends investors to risk their hard earned capital. It further examines the areas where the local people and diaspora are investing their money and importantly the panel highlights the number of jobs that have been created for the local Africans, due to new investment. Additionally the panel assesses some short comings which are hindering the creation of jobs. Above all, the panel suggests some areas where both indigenous and diaspora should spend more capital to promote job opportunities for Africans. Finally the panel emphasizes on collective responsibility, whether by indigenous or by diaspora, to make African countries more prosperous than they are today.