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12th Conference of Africanists

(Moscow, Russia. May 24-26, 2011)

The Final Announcement

Call for Papers

Dear Colleagues,

On May 24-26, 2011 in Moscow the Research Council for the Problems of Economic, Social, Political and Cultural Development of African Countries and the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences hold the 12th Conference of Africanists titled "Africa in the Changing World Development Paradigm." The Conference will take place on the premises of the Institute for African Studies and the Institute for Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The working languages of the Conference are Russian and English.

The Organizing Committee have considered all the panel proposals received by it. The list of accepted proposals can be found below. The deadline for paper proposals (in the form of abstracts within 300 words in English) is November 1, 2010. The proposals should be sent
to the respective panel convener(s) (with a copy to the Organizing Committee) who is (are) to inform the applicant about his (her) application's fortune by December 1, 2010.

The information to be submitted alongside with the paper abstract includes full name, title, institutional affiliation, full mail and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers.

However, in the case you feel your paper does not fit any particular panel but corresponds to the Conference’s general problematics, you may submit your proposal to the Organizing Committee by the same date (November 1, 2010) and it will be considered for scheduling for the Free Communication Panel. Besides, if the Organizing Committee finds it reasonable to unite an appropriate number of proposals submitted for the Free Communication Panel into a thematic panel, it may establish such a panel and propose one of its prospective participants to become the Convener. The proposals may be accepted or rejected only on the basis of the proposal's relevance to and importance for the Conference's problematics.

All the general inquiries on the academic matters of the Conference and proposals for the Free Communication Panel should be sent to the Organizing Committee Chairperson, Dr. Natalia Jerlitsina (e-mail: NS_inafr@mail.ru).

Accommodation at the hotel of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Downtown Moscow, currently is about 160 euros per night. It is also possible to make an independent reservation in one of many other Moscow hotels of different class through Internet at sites: http://www.moscow-hotels-russia.com/rus/, http://www.hotelmos.ru/index_e.htm, http://www.hotelsrussia.com, http://www.selectrussia.com, and http://all-hotels.ru. All the inquires with regards to the visa application process and/or accommodation should be directed to the International Relations Department (Institute for African Studies) to the address inter.inafr@mail.ru. Estimated meal and other daily expenses are c. $30 per person. However, please note that the figures above may be subjected to some changes due to processes in transnational and national economy which are obviously out of the Organizing Committee's control. If such changes happen, the Organizing Committee will try its best to inform the Conference participants as soon as possible.

In the alphabetical order of titles

1. Africa in the Situation of Global Climate Change
Conveners: Prof. Vladilen Gusarov (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: nataliya@sinco.ru; Dr. Olga Gromova (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: gromova@inafr.ru; Dr. Andrey Alimov (St. Petersburg State University), e-mail: alimovandrey@yandex.ru

2. Africa in the System of International Relations. The Russian-African Bilateral Relations
Convener: Dr. Evgeniy Korendyassov (Institute for African Studies, Moscow),
e-mail: evgueni.korendiassov@inafr.ru

3. African Diasporas: Evolution through Time and Space
Convener: Prof. Tatiana Gavristova (Yaroslavl State University), e-mail: tanja1994@mail.ru

4. African History in African Studies in Our Country
Convener: Prof. Apollon Davidson (Institute for Global History, Moscow) e-mail: adavidson@yandex.ru

5. BRIC’s African Agenda
Convener: Dr. Alexandra Arkhangelskaya (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: aarkhangelskaya@gmail.com.

6. Civilizational Paradigm of the World Order in Africa
Convener: Prof. Igor Sledzevski (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: ivs1940@rambler.ru

7. Conflicts in Africa from the Standpoint of the End of the “Cold War”: Background, Major Types and Effects
Convener: Prof. Roza Ismagilova (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: roza.ismagilova@inafr.ru; rozaism1@orc.ru. Prof. Nikolay Kosukhin (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: skole60@mail.ru

8. Cultural-Historical Context of Development from the Standpoint of Guidelines of Social Evolution
Conveners: Dr. Valentina Gribanova (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: vgribanova@mail.ru; Dr. Natalia Zherlitsina (Institute for African Studies, Moscow)

9. Gender and State Policy in Africa in the 21st Century: New Tendencies and Perspectives
Conveners: Prof. Natalia Krylova (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: krylova@inafr.ru; Dr. Natalia Ksenofontova (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: ksenofontova@inafr.ru

10. Information, Education and Linguistic Policy in Africa from the Standpoint of Globalization and Regionalization
Conveners: Prof. Vatanyar Yagya (St. Petersburg State University); Dr. Konstantin Pantserev (St. Petersburg State University), e-mail: ppsapmar@yandex.ru

11. Interaction between Literature, Culture and African Diasporas: Stages, Tendencies and Perspectives
Conveners: Prof. Nikolay Dobronravin (St. Petersburg State University), e-mail: sokoto95@yandex.ru; Dr. Anna Siim (Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, St. Petersburg) e-mail: anna.siim@gmail.com

12. Islamic Challenge to Contemporary World Order: from Civilizational Identity to Global Caliphate? Experience of Regions in the Muslim World
Conveners: Prof. Anatoliy Savateev (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: asavat@mail.ru; Dr. Enver Kisriev (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: kisriev.dagestan@mtu-net.ru

13. Language in the Context of Changing Socio-cultural Paradigms in Africa
Convener: Prof. Victor Vinogradov (Institute of Linguistics, Moscow), e-mail: umuta11@yandex.ru ; vporkhom@yahoo.ru

14. The Middle East and Maghreb: Modernization in the Framework of Globalization
Convener: Dr. Alexander Tkachenko (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: alexander.tkachenko@inafr.ru

15. Peace Agreements and Consolidation of Political Order in Africa
Convener: Dr. Aleksi Ylonen (Bayreuth International School of African Studies), e-mail: aleksi.yloen@uni-bayreuth.de, aeylonen@hotmail.com

16. Religion in Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa: Multilinear Evolution. The Fate of Traditional Beliefs in Present-day Conditions
Convener: Dr. Oleg Kavykin (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: atrociter@mail.ru

17. Southern Africa: Modernization, Elections, Regional Cooperation
Convener: Dr. Andrey Tokarev (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: csas.inafr@gmail.com, csas@inafr.ru

18. State Economics Policy and Business: New Phenomena
Convener: Dr. Evgeniya Morozenskaya (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: evmorozen@mail.ru, evgenia.morozenskaya@inafr.ru

19. Tendencies of Socio-economic, Political and Cultural Development in Sub-Saharan Africa at of Multipolar World’s Formation
Convener: Dr. Denisova Tatiana (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: tsden@hotmail.com

20. Zimbabwe at the Crossroads
Convener: Prof. Vladimir Shubin (Institute for African Studies, Moscow), e-mail: vlgs@yandex.ru, vladimir.shubin@inafr.ru

The Conference registration fee is $150 ($75 for students) and can be paid not only in dollars, but also in Euros or Russian rubles according to the official exchange rate on the date of registration. The fee is to be paid in cash upon arrival. The registration fee includes the visa application support (Official Invitation), the Conference Book of Abstracts (as well as translation of the participants’ abstracts into Russian), stationary items, coffee-breaks, and reception. The fee for an accompanying person, equivalent to $ 50 in rubles, includes the visa application support (Official Invitation) and reception.

The Organizing Committee would appreciate your familiarizing the staff of your research unit, as well as all the interested persons with the present Announcement.

Prof. Alexey Vassiliev
Chairperson, Conference Organising Committee
Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the Relations with African Leaders
Chair, Research Council for Africa
Director, Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Natalia Jerlitsina
Executive Secretary, Conference Organising Committee
Executive Secretary, Research Council for Africa, Russian Academy of Sciences