IV-1. African History Studies: The State of the Art

Conveners: Apollon B. Davidson (National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia), Galina M. Sidorova (Institute for African Studies, Moscow, Russia); e-mail: gal_sid@mail.ru

In the panel session it is planned to consider the question which are related to new problems (issues) of modernity about the historical studies of Africa. Studies of the problems will be covered with inextricable connection with the traditions of the foretime, connection establishment of the times. Considering it, it is necessary to cherish the memory of those people who stood at the origins of the African Studies, to know the tragic fates of the first Soviet Africanists, having formed the basis of the African Studies as a science. Most of them got hurt one way or another in the years of the Stalinist repressions. In the 21st century the international relationships have changed. Also Africa has changed with its varieties. The voice of Africa rings from the tribunes of General Assembly of the UN, in the United Nations Security Force and in other international organizations. Within these conditions it is essential to assign the new tasks which should have relation with the both positive and negative experience of the Soviet African Studies. Without knowledge of the historical past of Africa it is difficult to understand and make sense of the modern process, happening in the continent.