Collective monograph "Modernization in North Africa: Opportunities and Obstacles"

Collective monograph "Modernization in North Africa: Opportunities and Obstacles".
Rep. editor: Ph.D. A.A. Tkachenko
M.: IAfr RAS, 2022, 2022. – 160 с.
ISBN 978-5-91298-281-1

The manuscript shows social, political and economic renovation/ modernization processes that were started in the last quarter of the XX century in the North Africa as well as in the Middle East. Those renovation processes impacted every country of the region, but the impact varied in time and forms/depth. The effects of the processes were different, though there were a number of reasons for the transformation/renovation shifts, which in a way could be considered common for a big group of quite different countries.

This book is devoted mainly to an attempt to determine the near future and the more distant perspective of the Southern Mediterranean countries in the light of more or less established assessments of reasons and consequences of political turmoils in the region at the end of 2000s – early 2010s, and the lessons learned from the Arab Spring. This may be done with regard to a wide range of factors affecting development of the Arab states “from within” (country-specific circumstances of development, cultural and civilizational processes) and “from outside” (regional and global factors), particularly to globalization and progressively evolving uncertainty in international relations at the second decade of XXI century. A special accent was made on study those role that political content has played in drawing local and foreign capital investments for development of national economy.