Gender Dimension of Social and Political Life in Africa

Conveners: Prof. Natalia L. Krylova (Institute for African Studies, Moscow, Russia);
e-mail:, Dr. Natalia A. Ksenofontova (Institute for African Studies, Moscow, Russia); e-mail:

During the work of the panel it is supposed to analyze the various aspects of the gender situation and its impact on the socio-political development of African countries. Special attention will be paid to issues related to the place and role of women in the system of social relations and political life of the continent, as well as to the costs of gender discrimination in basic rights,

access to education, participation in public life and the expression of political interests. The aim and the sense of gender approach to the afore-mentioned problems is to draw a picture of diverse public and political life of the continent, and thus realize the main purpose of the panel - to show that ignoring gender disparities hurts human well-being and does harm to the possibilities of African countries in their quest for sustainable growth, good governance and poverty reduction.