"Africa: Colonizers’ Unpaid Debt"

"Africa: Colonizers’ Unpaid Debt".
ed. by I. Abramova
Moscow: Institute for African Studies of the RAS, 2023. – 112 p.
ISBN 978-5-91298-297-2

he book is a concise yet comprehensive account of European colonialism in Africa from its roots in the slave trade to modern forms of neocolonial exploitation. Facts are provided to highlight the role of original, “classical,” and current forms of colonial exploitation in Europe’s accelerated economic development and accumulation of wealth. Considering their status as victims of exploitation in the global economy and a need to break free from the shackles of new colonial dependence, Russia and Africa are finding themselves in the same boat not only due to Western pressure on their political and economic sovereignty and a shared desire to get rid of old and new forms of colonialism. They are also united by common goals in establishing a just world order where every country and nation can enjoy dignity and have a status that ensures a favorable outlook for their independent development.