Collective monograph "Scientific and technological potential of modern Africa"

Collective monograph "Scientific and technological potential of modern Africa".
Rep. editor: Ph.D. E.V. Morozenskaya
M.: IAfr RAS, 2022. - 278 p.
ISBN 978-5-91298-277-4

In African countries, the processes of innovative technological develop-ment aimed at improving competitiveness and economic efficiency are complicated by the rapid proliferation of global value chains in international production, to which it is difficult for Africa to get involved because of its scientific and technological potential underdevelopment.

Many African states have adopted digital economy strategies focused on providing a leap in catching-up development and promoting employment, especially for young people who have received vocational training. However, in order to carry out the structural transformation of the national economy in combination with the expanding requirements of the Industry 4.0, Africa needs to address such problems as increasing the use of modern technologies in agriculture, electric power industry based on implementing the renewable energy sources and the ICT sector development.

In the context of technological transition, the problems of financing scientific research, developing vocational education, using tax and other preferences for local enterprises that introduce technological achievements, supporting local consumers of innovative goods and services, become especially relevant. Expanding economic cooperation between African states and Russian companies, primarily engineering and agricultural profile, banks and leading universities can help solve these problems.