Laboratory for Geo-economic Analysis

Founded in 1998 as an academic unit of the RAS Institute for African Studies with the status of a Centre. The Laboratory functions as an interdisciplinary research structure, which invites fur joint research projects both the 1AS staff members and scholars from other research institutions.

The main fields of research interests involve:

1. Theoretical perception of the world North and world South interrelations. Research of a probable form and typology of the new world order.
2. The study of scenarios of the world development and trends of global transformation (a long-term program 'The Paths of the World Development and Russia's Revival' within the ambit of the RAS International Relations Division).
3. The study of international relations problems, the prospects of transformation of the world systems on the basis of a Geo-economic approach to analyses of social processes.
4. Development of social modeling and forecasting methods. Modeling the role and position of Africa and Russia in the 21st century world.
5. Analysis of the current forms and methods of researches, framing and testing new forms and organizational methods research processes

Head of the Laboratory - Alexander NEKLESSA.
Member of the RAS Scientific Council for the Problems of Africa
Member of the Bureau of the RAS Scientific Council 'History of the World Culture, Chairman of the commission on socio-cultural problems of globalization. Head of the 'Intelros-Intellectual Russia' group {Intellectual Russia journal).
Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Asia and Africa Today.
Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Economic Strategies.

Tel.: (495) 697-02-85