Social inequality and research trip by Ph.D. Gribanova V.V. and Prof. Shubin V.G. In the framework of the project “Russians in Africa”

From May 12 to May 31, the head of the Center for History and Cultural Anthropology Ph.D. Gribanova V.V., Doctor of History prof. Shubin V.G. in the framework of the project “Russians in Africa”, carried out by the Institute for African Studies RAS, made a research trip to Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. In addition to the interviews with descendants of Russian immigrants who found themselves in southern Africa, there were meetings with leaders and representatives of associations of compatriots, in particular, the Russian Club of Cape Town, the Russian community of Hauteng province, parishioners of the first Russian Orthodox church in southern Africa, consecrated in 2003 and succeeded the parish that existed in South Africa from 1952 until the mid-1970s. Work was carried out with archival, museum and other materials on the subject of the project.