States of Sub-Saharan Africa in the Age of Globalization: Preservation of Cultural Identity

Convener: Prof. Konstantin A. Pantserev (St. Petersburg State University, Russia);

Nowadays, Globalization of all the societal spheres is taking place. In the meantime, Globalization has not only a positive side but also a negative one. Critics of modern global trends suggest that Globalization will lead to the unavoidable transformation of the world-wide space to the one and homogenous formation in which the whole World will change its approach according to the Western model oh the development. In order to prevent this process it is very important for small developing countries, so as for the states of Sub-Saharan Africa, to participate more actively in the international discussion of main features of the new world order which is under construction. Thereupon we intend to discuss a wide range of questions concerning an idea of the creation of an alternative (African) model of social and cultural development which demands a theoretical analysis and empiric verification