The Horn of Africa: Between Archaic and Globalization

Conveners: Prof. Roza N. Ismagilova (Institute for African Studies, Moscow, Russia);
Dr. Alexander A. Tkachenko (Institute for African Studies, Moscow, Russia);

The Panel will focus on the following issues:
- political, economic and social processes in the countries of the Horn of Africa and challenges of the 21st century: country, regional and global aspects;
- international environment in the Horn of Africa (the issues of international terrorism, piracy, and drug trafficking);
- Ethiopia: between ethnicity and federalism;
- Sudan, South Sudan, and the issues of Darfur;
- Somalia: centrifugal and centripetal tendencies in domestic politics;
- Eritrea: domestic and international aspects of development;
- the role of international community in overcoming crises and settling armed conflicts in the
Horn of Africa.