Ecology and State Policy in Africa

Convener: Prof. Vladilen I. Gusarov (Institute for African Studies, Moscow, Russia);

It is supposed, that in the panel a wide range of problems connected with the aggravation of the socio-ecological crisis will be considered. During the panel – sittings it is also supposed to

consider the measures of the African governments for the overcoming of this crisis in many fields, in particular in the localization and the averting the new, as well as the traditional diseases. The majority of the African states each taken separately are not able to send the necessary financial means into these fields. Therefore they are compelled to apply for the help and the assistance to the neighboring countries, to the developed western powers, to the international and the inter-African organizations. These subjects would be also discussed on the panel-sittings. The results of the discussion would allow to discover the new trends in the development of the socio-ecological crisis and to mark some ways of their possible overcoming.