Political Modernization and Social Development in Africa

Convener: Prof. Nikolay D. Kosukhin (Institute for African Studies, Moscow, Russia);
e-mail: m.ivanova@inafr.ru

Political process in African societies in transition has its own logic connected with the character of these societies. Political changes play dominant role in the process of social transformations during the last quarter of this century. Political modernization takes place in the conditions of economic crisis, poverty and beggary of wide starters of the population, unsettled ethno-religious and regional relations. Specific feature of socio-political situation is concentrated in traditional relations. The stability of political process depends on taking into consideration traditions and

customs of traditional societies in the strategy and tactics of political modernization. The formation of democratic institutes needs the development of multiparty ship, human rights, electoral system, activity of social and non-governmental organizations. Different forms of political activity of the population become very important. Political modernization must help the development of democratic institutes and civil society.