16 November 2023 Scientific international conference “Future, Research and Expectations in Science, Knowledge, and Aspirations” - Freska

Аdress: Veljka Mladjenovica 12е, 78 000, Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contact: +387 51 456-611
E-mail: freska@nubl.org


Independent University Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina has the honor and pleasure to invite members of domestic and international scientific community and interested experts to submit scientific or expert papers and take part in scientific conference with international participation: “FUTURE, RESEARCH AND EXPECTATIONS IN SCIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, AND ASPIRATIONS” - FRESKA, under the topic „CORPORATE ORDER - AN IMPERATIVE OF THE NEW GEOSTRATEGIC PARADIGM”. The Conference will take place in Banja Luka on the 16th of November 2023.

The Conference will be held by a combined model of online participation or personal presence.

The Steering Board of the Independent University Banja Luka - has proposed topics as follows:

Ideology convergences; Inclusive political institutions; The international legal aspect of the corporate order; Bilateral relations of states or corporations; Corporate order as liberalization or the beginning of hegemony; Multipolarity versus corporate order; Divergence of socio-economic development of countries in the corporate order; Economic system in the world of inclusive capital partners; Manifestations and perception of economic inequality of citizens in the corporate order; Geopolitics of energy corridors in the corporate order; Neocolonialism of the corporate order in the era of neomarcantilism; The impact of the deglobalization of the monetary system on the corporate order; Dynamics and scale of development of financial markets in the corporate order; Foreign trade concept in corporate order; The possibility and objectives of the introduction of universal digital currency in the corporate order; The impact of debt colonialism of the IMF on the creation of corporate order; Agricultural market in corporate order…

Conflict potential of the corporate order; Corporate order – centralized or decentralized security system; National identity of nations or corporations; The "religion" of corporations as a factor in the persecution/suppression of traditional religions; Vectors of the evolution of the military-political blocks of corporations; The use of non-military measures to ensure the interests of the corporate order; Principles of operational use of troop formations and forces in operational areas of the corporate state; Mental security strategy in the corporate order; The problem of attribution of information sources as a factor of international security in the corporate order; Multi-intelligent networked military systems and their tactics at the service of corporate order …

Education system in the corporate order; The status of national cultural institutions in a world of corporate hegemony; Development of new energy production systems; Ecological policy in the corporate order system; Geopolitics of natural resources in the corporate order; Decarbonization as a tool of capital partners' hegemony; Whose are our natural resources in the corporate order?; People's/nation’s dependence on the energy independence of corporations…

Authors are free to suggest additional topics of their choice if the topics are within the scope of the conference subject.

The goal of the Conference is to bring together the most eminent experts (researchers and practitioners) from the region and the world, who will present the latest knowledge and opportunities that meet the new geostrategic paradigm - corporate order, through a multidisciplinary approach.

Please confirm your attendance at the Conference by e-mail: freska@nubl.org

We will confirm your application at your e-mail address. Authors of accepted themes/summaries will be notified of acceptance according to the dates posted below.


    Applications must contain (no particular application form):
      • First and last name alongside the academic title of author;
      • Name of the author’s home institution;
      • Authors contact (e-mail, phone number, and address), with the author’s indication for correspondence in all phases of reviews and publishing, if there is more than 1 author.

Papers that get positive reviews will be published in the Conference Proceeding of the scientific conference FRESKA2023.

Authors have to observe the writing standards found in the attachment. Papers that are not written in accordance with the suggested technical manual will not be accepted.

During the review period, the review board will categorize all received works by:

    Categories of scientific works:
      − Original scientific paper
      − Review scientific paper
      − Short scientific article
      − Scientific critique, polemic, or overview
      − Presentation from scientific meeting
      − Expert work

    Important dates:
      − until 1st Јuly 2023. – application of participation and admission of abstracts of papers.
      − until 15. July 2023. – notification to author/s about acceptance of theme and abstract of work.
      − until 1st September 2023. – admission of complete papers.
      − 16. November 2023. – Conference (schedule of scientific conference will be delivered subsequently to participants).

All additional information will be published in the following invitation.

Letter of invitation
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