On June 10, 2022 Participation of the Institute staff in the conference"Africa and Europe: Mutual Perspectives

On June 10, 2022 Junior Research Fellow Daria Turianitsa and Senior Research Fellow Dr Veronica Usacheva took part in the conference titled as "Africa and Europe: Mutual Perspectives" 7-10 June, 2022organized by the German Association for African Studies (VAD).

The section of "Visual images of anti-colonial movements in Africa during the Cold War" was organized by Dr Daria Zelenova, Researcher at the University of Oxford, Senior Researcher at the Centre of Southern Africa, Senior Researcher at the International Centre for Anthropology, National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Daria Turianitsa spoke about "Visual images of the struggle against apartheid and colonialism, as presented in drawings from the Soviet satirical magazine Krokodil ". Dr Veronica Usacheva reported on the topic "Free to Africa!": anti-racist, anti-colonial and anti-imperialist struggles in Soviet films".

Colleagues from South Africa, China and other countries also took an active part in the work of the section. The topic of the virtual panel generated keen interest among listeners, which was confirmed by an active discussion at the end.