October 27, 2021 Report by O. V. Ivanchenko within the framework of the scientific seminar "Culture and Society"

On October 27, 2021, Oksana Vasilievna Ivanchenko presented a report “Contribution of Arabs to the culture of Tanzania” in the frames of the seminar “Culture and Society” at the Center of History and Cultural Anthropology. The report highlighted the contribution of Arabs to the culture of Tanzania in the views of modern Tanzanians. Most often, the respondents mentioned culture (broadly speaking), Swahili language, and Muslim dressing style. Despite of the presence of some negative comments from Christians about the Arabs and Islam in general, there are no significant differences in the answers of representatives of the two confessions. The speaker believes that such balance in the answers is due to the fact that the main source of information about the history is school textbooks, and they are created according to general government programs independent of religions