Alina O. Lapushkina

Junior Research Fellow. MA.

30/1 Spiridonovka St.; 123001 Moscow; Russia
Тел.: + 7 (495) 690 27 52

Research interests:
Anthropology of Childhood, Rites of Passage, History of Education, Culture and History of Sub-Saharan Africa, Avatime people, Socio-cultural transformations.

Ghana, Uganda, Russia.

Main publications:

  • Transformation of Traditional Culture: The Role of the Avatime Initiation Rite in Modern Times. Social Evolution & History, V. 19, № 1, 2020;
  • The History of Kusakokor (Ghana): from Avatime Tradition to Modern Practice XXI. Asia and Africa today, №2, 2020 (in Russian);
  • Through the Prism of Avatime Tradition (Ghana): from Childhood to Adulthood. Stratum Plus, №6, 2019 (in Russian);
  • Transformation of Traditional Culture: the Role of the Ganda Female Initiation Rite (Uganda). Vostok (ORIENS), №4, 2019 (in Russian);
  • The Avatime People: Traditional Rituals and Christianity. Asia and Africa today, № 6, 2015 (in Russian).