October 5, 2020 The Webinar "Africa: competition between traditional and new actors"

The international webinar, organized by the Institute of International Relations and Area Studies, Ritsumeikan University (Japan) and the Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia), was held on October 5, 2020 as the part of the webinar series "Africa: competition between traditional and new actors" ("Africa: Crossroad (Scramble) of (Re)Emerging Forces”). The meeting was moderated by Prof. Takuo Iwata, Ritsumeikan University.

Dr. Kirill Aleshin, Member of the Directorate, Senior Research Fellow of the RAS Institute for African Studies presented a report "East Africa in the face of international competition: scramble for Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda (a reflection on economic cooperation between Russia and East Africa)".

The webinar was attended by 30 experts from China, Indonesia, Russia, South Korea, Japan, and other countries, among them Prof. Seifudein Adem, Doshisha University (Japan) and Prof. Liu Haifang, Peking University (China).

Following Dr. Aleshin’s presentation, the discussant Prof. Seifudein Adem provided a detailed assessment of the report and presented his thoughts on the topic under consideration. The Q&A session finalized the webinar.

The organizers have an intention to continue the collaboration.

Source (Ritsumeikan University): http://en.ritsumei.ac.jp/research/iiras/event/article.html/?id=100