Guinea yesterday and today. Digest of articles.

Guinea yesterday and today. Digest of articles.
Resp. editor Ph.D. T.S. Denisova
- Moscow: IAfr RAN, 2019 .-- 240 p.
ISBN 978-5-91298-239-2

The collection of articles is devoted to various aspects of the country's development: the state of the economy, the peculiarities of the formation of political leadership, electoral processes, foreign policy. Special attention is paid to the Guinean-Russian, Guinean-Chinese and Guinean-Indian relations.

The book was prepared within the framework of the Program of Basic Research of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences for 2019 No. 22 "Analysis and Forecast of New Global Challenges for Russia", subprogram "Africa in New Global Realities: Challenges and Opportunities for Russia".