Speech by Dr. I.O. Abramova in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation

“Africa is one of the most interesting and promising developing continents. Many countries have long joined the race for African resources. ”

Dr. Irina Abramova, Director of the Institute for African Studies of the RAS, addressed the senators during the "Expert's Time" at the 469th session of the Council of Federation. They discussed the results of the Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum. The expert touched upon the development of mutually beneficial Russian-African cooperation. According to Dr. Abramova, the attitude towards Africa remains insufficiently attentive. For a long time, the media circulated the idea that the "black continent" is the poorest region of the planet.

"The opening of new cultural centers, the expansion of trade relations with the continent, the construction of industrial and infrastructure facilities, the training of specialists and national elites are an important component of relations."

Russian Foreign Ministry