February 28, 2020, the staff of Institute for African Studies took part in the X International Conference "Africa in the Context of the Formation of a New System of International Relations"

On February 28, 2020, a conference was held at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia on the role and place of Africa in the process of developing a new system of International relations. Prominent representatives of Western and African political sciences took part in it: Professor Molefee Kete Asante (USA), Professor Yen Taylor (Great Britain), Professor Patrick Carmody (Great Britain), Dr. Timothy Shaw (USA), Professor Patrick Bond (South Africa), Professor Kasaija Apuuli (Uganda).

The Institute for African Studies was represented by a significant delegation led by Professor I.O. Abramova, director of the Institute; Honorary President of the Institute, Academician A.M. Vasiliev, as well as deputy directors of the Institute, professors D.M. Bondarenko and L.L. Fituni. The conference was also attended by leading employees of the Institute - Doctor of History T.L. Deich, Ph.D. E.N. Korendyasov, Doctor of History N.L. Krylova. Young employees of the Institute also took an active part: Ph.D. O.S. Kulkova and Ph.D. N.E. Khokholkova.

The conference allowed Russian Africanists and their foreign colleagues to discuss in detail key topics related to the political and economic development of Africa at the present stage in frames of a truly academic discussion.

The conference program is available at http://africa.rudn.ru/schedule