The Program of Scientific Seminar “Culture and Society”

Centre for History and Cultural Anthropology

The Program of Scientific Seminar “Culture and Society” for 2020

Banschikova A.A. "Postcards, stamps, and coins of German East Africa: A Brief Review"

Shubin V.G. Is Ramaphosa South African Gorbachev?

Bryndina V.N. Evolution of Representation of Slavery in the 20th – 21st Centuries American Movies: Historical and Cultural Context

Khokholkova N.E. Historical Memory of Colonialism in Contemporary Tanzania
Ivanchenko O.V. The Role of African Chiefs in the 19th Century Arab Slave Trade in Tanganyika

Zherlitsyna N.A. On the history of the conquest of Algeria by France
Gribanova V.V. Sammy Marks - the uncrowned king of Transvaal. On the issue of the participation of subjects of the Russian Empire in the political and economic life of South Africa in the end of XIX - beginning of XX centures

Kavykin O.I. African Christians in Moscow: Second Season Field Research Results.
Bryndina V.N. Expedition to Zanzibar: experience in the National Archives

Bondarenko D.M., Khokholkova N.E., Usacheva V.V. “Black Heritage" in the Perception of Americans of Different Origins: Preliminary Results of the First Field Season