Round table «The UN Sustainable development goals for 2016–2030: opportunities and ways to achieve them by African countries»

On September 26, 2018, a meeting organized by the Centre for Transition Economy Studies was attended by researchers from the Centre for North African and African Horn Studies, the Centre for Tropical African Studies, the Centre for Southern Africa Studies, the Center for Global and Strategic Studies, also IMEMO RAS and RUDN (15 people). The regional and national aspects of the sustainable development potentials of the countries of North Africa, Tropical Africa and South Africa were discussed. Special attention was paid to the implementation of such goals as ensuring reliable access to energy and water; developing a green economy and food security; industrialization and modernization of the real economy; introduction of electronic technologies in business and services; ensuring decent work and the possibility of «soft power» in the relationships of peripheral countries; the problem of using economic indicators to assess the implementation of sustainable development goals in Africa